Henry Akins’ Hidden Jiu Jitsu The Back System

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This THE Most Important module I’ve ever filmed! Of all the training modules I’ve ever filmed…THE BACK! Is filled with the most HIDDEN details of them all!


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The Back System System includes THIRTY ONE videos where I share with you the concepts, ideas and functional principles of Controlling, Dominating & Finishing EVERYONE from The Back

  • Ever get to The Back but feel like going for the finish will jeopardize your control of the position?… no problem
  • Ever get to The Back and BOTH your hands are occupied controlling your opponent so you can’t attack a submission?… no problem
  • Ever go for a submission from The Back and your opponent escapes because you opened up too much?… no problem
  • With my Hidden Jiu Jitsu “The Back System” you’ll FINISH from The Back at least 10x more than you currently do….
  • Flatten Out on your FACE with a Giant Gorrila on your Back?… no problem
  • Want to NEVER get strapped in by the Seat Belt again?… no problem
  • Want to FRUSTATE your opponent EVERY time he TRIES to sink and RNC or Gi Choke in?… no problem
  • This will be the LAST Back Escapes instruction you’ll EVER need…. I personally Guarantee it

Normal Hidden Jiu Jitsu Training System Tuition $97.99

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Hidden Jiu-Jitsu – 2018 -The Back System