Bow And Arrow Choke

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Henry Head Shot On Black

For the bow and arrow choke from the mount, I usually have to wait for my opponent to start to escape by turning on his side to get it.

With one hand in the collar I feed the collar down to my second hand, which is wrapping around his neck.

My grip is very important here, the hand passing the collar, turns the collar inside out just with flicking the thumb, this provides a very strong grip for my other hand, which I just use two fingers to grab with.

I make sure as I slide my hand in to choke that it is flush against his neck with my knuckles and wrist wrapping around his neck.  After I secure my grip with the choking hand, my free hand goes to the other lapel, and i pull the lapel down in the direction of his feet while I straighten my arm focusing on turning my body and pulling from the shoulder to do the choke.

** I forgot to mention in the video that looking over the shoulder of the choking arm also helps to rotate the body and turn the shoulder.  There is no tension or strength coming from my arm; all the tightening comes from turning my whole body to choke.

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