Henry Akins’ The Offensive closed guard AKA the playground
Training system

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Closed Guard is quite possibly the most misunderstood position in all
of Jiu Jitsu Here what you need to know Its a Position of dominance a virtual playground filled with razor sharp attacks at every turn!

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The Offensive Closed Guard aka “The Playground” System includes TWENTY ONE modules where I share with you the concepts, ideas and functional principles of the Offensive Closed Guard that will have you in COMPLETE CONTROL from the most misunderstood position of them all. The bottom line is…

The Offensive Closed Guard aka The Playground Training System

  • FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the Offensive Closed Guard. What works, what doesn’t, where each adjustment leads… Get ready to have your MindBlown… your opponents will FREAK OUT!
  • The WHOLE TRUTH about posture, posture control and breaking posture from The Offensive Closed Guard
  • The ONE simple “trick” that will SHUT DOWN all your opponents grips and attempts to break your Offensive Closed Guard
  • How to set up and finish the Head & Arm … once you get the timing of this you’ll feel like your training with children it becomes THAT easy to get
  • Discover the 101 MISSED opportunities to utilize the Kimura from closed guard to either finish or set up another attack
  • The Offensive Closed Guard Guilliotine… gives you yet another weapon that only has two potential outcomes… FINISH or effortlessly advance to another attack
  • I’ll expose for you 2 collar attacks that you’re either doing wrong, wasting energy on or haven’t even seen. These will BOTH become “go to” moves for you in your new Offensive Closed Guard
  • The Armlock Circus!…. The armlocks in the offensive closed guard are so abundant we could just rename the entire position “The Offensive Armlock Guard”. You’ll never see armlocks from the closed guard the same again!
  • NEVER get stacked, squashed nor smashed when going for the Triangle from your Offensive Closed Guard Again!


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Hidden Jiu-Jitsu – 2018 – Closed Guard Attacks