Controlling Position With The Legs

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Henry Head Shot On Black

In this video I go over how to maintain the back position using your legs when you have the opponents back and they are on top of you and your back is on the ground.

The main thing my opponent will try to do once I have his back is he will try to get to the side to get his back to the ground. So the main goal for me is trying to keep my opponent in the middle on top of me.

Anytime I have the back most of the control comes from the legs so my hands are free to attack the neck. I pinch my knees tight to stabilize his hip movement and every time he pushes off his feet to get to the side I stretch my leg against his hip to hip out to the same side to stay underneath him.

So I use my opponent as my frame of reference for my movement always trying to shift to the side he’s moving to kill his movement. It’s important to keep your thigh pinching tight; your thigh becomes a wall every time your opponent tries to get his hip out to one side.

To drill this start off only going 10-15% using very slight movements from the person on top, and then see if the person on the bottom is able to shift his hips side to side to till the person’s movement to escape.

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