Closed Guard Attacks

The Offensive Closed Guard AKA The Playground Training System.

Module 1 Closed Guard Attacks
Unit 1 Concept From Closed Guard
Unit 2 Breaking Grips
Unit 3 Breaking Posture
Unit 4 Drill: Breaking Posture
Unit 5 Head & Arm Choke
Unit 6 Double Armlock
Unit 7 Kimura
Unit 8 Guillotine
Unit 9 Cross Collar Choke
Unit 10 Arm Wrap Choke
Unit 11 Straight Armlock From Arm Tucked
Unit 12 Armbar
Unit 13 Reverse Arm Lock
Unit 14 Triangle
Unit 15 Hip Switch Sweep to the Arm Lock
Unit 16 How to bring a standing opponent to the ground from the closed guard
Unit 17 Getting Underneath the Chin with the Cross Collar Choke AKA - The Car Jack
Unit 18 Arm bar from standing knee behind the butt break
Unit 19 Breakdown: Kron Gracie Vs. JT Torres ADCC
Unit 20 Closed Guard Taking The back
Unit 21 Breaking the Grips from the Closed Guard BONUS
Unit 22 BONUS: Push Pull Choke And Defenses
Unit 23 BONUS - Push Pull Choke And Defense

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