Cross Side Attacks

How to Finish Like a Sniper Every Time You Get To Cross Side (Side Control) Escapes From Cross Side ... Never Let Anyone out of Your Cross Side Without A Serious Threat Again

Module 1 Attacking from Cross Side
Unit 1 Kimura
Unit 2 Straight Armlock
Unit 3 Americana
Unit 4 Elbow Pluck Armlock
Unit 5 Spinning Arm Bar with Over Hook
Unit 6 Spinning Arm Bar with Under Hook
Unit 7 Kimura From North South
Unit 8 North South Choke
Unit 9 Sneaky Choke AKA No-Gi Baseball Bat Choke
Unit 10 Paper Cutter Choke
Unit 11 Knee Across Belly Mount
Unit 12 Step Over Mount
Unit 13 Double Attack from Scarf Hold
Unit 14 Straight Arm Bar from Face Push
Unit 15 Wrist Lock when they Pumel in for the Under Hook
Unit 16 BONUS: Dan Camarillo Arm Lock
Unit 17 Scarf Hold Hammer Fist Choke

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