Cross Side Control

Discover the most laziest and efficient way to play cross side (Side Control)

...And Simultaneously Make Every Opponent & Training Partner So Uncomfortable They will Happily Give You Virtually Any Position You Want

Module 1 Cross Side Side Control Maintenance
Unit 1 The Concept & Theory – Maintaining Weight distribution
Unit 2 Example of the Invisible Power of Weight Distribution
Unit 3 Increasing Your Weight from Cross Side
Unit 4 Turning the Hip To Avoid Guard Recovery
Unit 5 Drill: Sensitivity Drill Using the Body to Control the Shoulders
Unit 6 Controlling the Elbow
Unit 7 Turning the Body to Deflect the Push
Unit 8 Preventing the Opponent from Rolling Away with Elbow Control
Unit 9 Diving the Arm Behind Head to Keep Opponent Flat
Unit 10 Preventing Getting Rolled Over from Heavy Cross Side
Unit 11 Preventing the Bridge from the Heavy Cross Side
Unit 12 Using the Knee on the Belly to Keep Opponent Flat
Unit 13 Getting the Under Hook from Cross Side and Preventing Guard Recovery
Unit 14 Weight Distribution from Scarf Hold
Unit 15 Maintaining cross side body hand placement
Unit 16 Increasing weight from scarfhold
Unit 17 Pushing and Pulling with the Legs to Control from Cross Side with Underhook
Unit 18 HJJ Camps Bonus - Putting weight on your opponent to keep them flat
Unit 19 HJJ Camps Bonus - camp attendees learning weight distribution to control from cross side
Unit 20 HJJ Camps Bonus - Pushing and pulling with the legs to control the shoulder and add weight
Unit 21 HJJ Camps Bonus - The difference between hips up and hips down
Unit 22 HJJ Camps Bonus - The importance of keeping the arm on the far side of the head
Unit 23 HJJ Camps Bonus - Plucking the arm to flatten and using the step over arm lock

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