Cross Side Escapes

Never Get Stuck In Side Control Again... Escape Like Houdini...Everytime
Discover How To Make Every Opponent So Uncomfortable They Can't Hold You Down

Module 1 Cross Side Escapes
Unit 1 Recovering The Guard
Unit 2 Going to Your Knees
Unit 3 Rolling Away and Kicking to Your Knees
Unit 4 Holding in Between the Legs
Unit 5 Hip Bump to the Hip and Roll
Unit 6 North South with both Arms Controlling the Waist
Unit 7 North South with Double Arm Control
Unit 8 North South with Over Under Control
Unit 9 Side Headlock Escape without the Arm
Unit 10 Side Headlock Escape without the Arm when your Opponent Follows
Unit 11 Side Headlock Escape with the Arm
Unit 12 Scarf Hold with Under Hook
Unit 13 Side Headlock Escape with Arm Control and Head Low
Unit 14 Reverse Scarf Hold Escape
Unit 15 Escaping Wrestling Cradle
Unit 16 Defense and Reversal from the Darce Choke
Unit 17 Knees in Tight with the Arm Trapped
Unit 18 Escape from Pants Grab
Unit 19 Head and Arm Control Hip to Hip
Unit 20 Countering the Knee on the Belly to take the Back
Unit 21 Countering the Step Over Mount
Unit 22 Head and Arm Control Coming Out the Backdoor
Unit 23 Knee on the belly escape - grabing underneath the foot
Unit 24 Knee on the belly escape - turning away and clearing with the elbow
Unit 25 Knee on the belly escape - bringing the knee to the inside and transitioning to heel hook
Unit 26 HJJ Camps Bonus - Side headlock escape with punch block
Unit 27 HJJ Camps Bonus - Escaping the Head Lock
Unit 28 HJJ Camps Bonus - Escaping Judo Head Lock
Unit 29 HJJ Camps Bonus - HJJ Camps Attendies Drilling Escaping Judo Head Lock Details
Unit 30 BOUNS - Back Door Escape
Unit 31 BONUS 1 - Back Door Escape
Unit 32 BONUS 2 - Back Door Escape - Using The Bump
Unit 33 BONUS 3 - Back Door Escape
Unit 34 Bonus: Dealing with Knee on the Belly
Unit 35 Bonus: Getting back to your Knees from Crossside When the Opponent Uses a Cross Face

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