Mount Attacks

The mount attack training system
Get on top... finish on top!

Module 1 Mount Attack
Unit 1 Combining the Arm Bar and Cross Collar Choke to Finish
Unit 2 Armbar from the Mount
Unit 3 Arm Bar Set Ups
Unit 4 Arm Bar with Arm Behind the Back
Unit 5 Arm Lock from the High Mount Escape
Unit 6 Ezekiel Choke from Mount
Unit 7 Getting the Arm Into Position For the Head and Arm Choke
Unit 8 Getting the Grips for the Cross Collar Choke
Unit 9 Guillotine Set Up from Mount
Unit 10 Americana
Unit 11 Mount armbar from push
Unit 12 Bow And Arrow Choke
Unit 13 Using the Americana to Deal with a Stalling Opponent
Unit 14 Mount cross collar
Unit 15 Hammer Fist Choke
Unit 16 No Gi Ezekiel
Unit 17 Head & Arm Choke
Unit 18 mount-taking-back
Unit 19 preventing opponent from rolling away with elbow
Unit 20 HJJ Camps Bonus - Stand Up - Take Down - Grabbing the single leg
Unit 21 HJJ Camps Bonus - Details of Finishing the Head & Arm Choke
Unit 22 HJJ Camps Bonus - HJJ Camp Attendies Drilling Head and Arm Choke Details

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