Sweeps System

Instead Of Defending Your Guard
Discover How To See Every Opponents Guard Pass As An Immediate Opportunity To Get On Top

Module 1 Sweeps System
Unit 1 Hip Switch to Outside Against Knee Behind the Butt Guard Break
Unit 2 The Hip Bump Sweep
Unit 3 Kick Sweep When The Person Puts Their Leg Up to Stand
Unit 4 Arm Drag to the Back Sweep
Unit 5 Hip Bump Sweep From The Back Take
Unit 6 Scissor Sweep
Unit 7 The Reverse Sweep
Unit 8 Knee Through The Belly Or Guard Recovery Sweep
Unit 9 The Hook Sweep
Unit 10 The Double Ankle Grab Sweep
Unit 11 The One Leg Ankle Grab Sweep
Unit 12 The Push Pull Sweep
Unit 13 The Sickle Sweep
Unit 14 BONUS: Mind Blown Scissor Sweep
Unit 15 BONUS: Mind Blown Scissor Sweep Q&A
Unit 16 BONUS: The Sweep from Tripod
Unit 17 BONUS: Kick Sweep defense for the Neck Crank
Unit 18 BONUS: Counter Sweep To Khabib's Leg Tie

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