Ultimate Chokes Escapes

Module 1 Ultimate Chokes Escapes
Unit 1 Cross Collar Choke Defense Using the Push Pull Choke
Unit 2 Attacking with the Push Pull Choke and Defending when Someone's using it from Inside the Guard
Unit 3 Push Pull Choke Defense when Inside the Guard
Unit 4 Ezekiel Defense from Guard
Unit 5 The Nutcracker Choke Defense
Unit 6 Cross Collar from Mount Defense
Unit 7 Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 1
Unit 8 Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 2
Unit 9 Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 2 - Outtake
Unit 10 Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 3
Unit 11 The Head and Arm Choke from Mount Defense
Unit 12 Triangle Preliminary Defense
Unit 13 Triangle Last Ditch Defense
Unit 14 Clock Choke Defense
Unit 15 Rear Naked Choke Preliminary Defense
Unit 16 Rear Naked Choke - Moving the Head to the Correct Side
Unit 17 Belly Down Rear Naked Choke Escape
Unit 18 D'Arce Choke Defense
Unit 19 D'Arce Choke Defense in Reversal
Unit 20 D'Arce Choke Defense when Opponent Attacks from Underneath
Unit 21 D'Arce Choke From the Bottom - Outtake
Unit 22 Anaconda Choke Defense and Counter Attack with Americana Shoulder Lock
Unit 23 Guillotine Defense from the Knees
Unit 24 Guillotine From the Knees - Blocking the Knee from Coming Up
Unit 25 Guillotine Defense from Inside the Closed Guard
Unit 26 Guillotine with Shin Through the Middle Defense
Unit 27 Head and Arm Guillotine Defense
Unit 28 Chin Strap Choke Defense
Unit 29 The Papercutter Choke Defense
Unit 30 Bow and Arrow Choke Defense
Unit 31 Bow and Arrow Choke from Side Mount Defense
Unit 32 Bulldog Choke Defense
Unit 33 Standing Guillotine Defense
Unit 34 Standing Guillotine with Elbow Over the Shoulder Defense
Unit 35 Outro
Unit 36 Baseball Choke Defence Part 1
Unit 37 Baseball Choke Defence - Part 2
Unit 38 Bonus: North-South Choke Defense
Unit 39 Bonus: North-South Choke Defense Q&A
Unit 40 Bonus: Escaping the Bow and Arrow Choke by Breaking the Grip on the Leg
Unit 41 Bonus: Triangle Choke preliminary Defense Q&A + Defending if they Transition to the Arm Bar

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