Henry Akins’ Hidden Jiu Jitsu
The “Ninja” Side Control Finishing System:

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Finish Like A Sniper From Side Control All Day Everyday!

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The “Ninja” Cross Side Attacks System includes SIXTEEN modules where I share with you the concepts, ideas and functional principles of Controlling, Dominating & Finishing EVERYONE from Cross Side (aka side control)

The “Ninja” Side Control Attakcs System:

  • – Discover how to ALWAYS have at least 1 if not TWO hands available to attack from cross side at all times
  • – See how to make your opponent SO uncomfortable from PRESSURE that he forgets (or even hopes) you’re going to attack him with a vengeance
  • – Understand the “next move” your opponent is going make BEFORE he makes it… so he becomes EASY to “trap” and FINISH every time from the cross side position
  • – See how effortlessly you can “chain together” your attacks so each attack forces a predictable response and automatically sets your opponent up for “the tap”s
  • -and so MUCH MORE!… inside my “Ninja” Side Control Finishing System… How to FINISH like a SNIPER all day everyday!


Normal Hidden Jiu Jitsu Training System Tuition $97.99

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Hidden Jiu-Jitsu – 2018 – Cross Side Attacks