Henry Akins’ Hidden Jiu Jitsu
The “Heavy as a Dead Whale” Side Control System:

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See How Rickson Creates SO MUCH Pressure From The Top…Your Opponent Will Swear You Pulled A Bag Over His Head!

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The “Heavy as a Dead Whale” Cross Side Control System includes TWENTY THREE modules where I share with you the concepts, ideas and functional principles of Controlling, Dominating & Finishing EVERYONE from Cross Side (aka side control)

The “Heavy as a Dead Whale” Side Control System:

Cross Side (Side Control) Control & Domination: – Complete CONTROL & DOMINANCE is EASY… but you must know how every opponent will try to escape BEFORE they do it. My “Heavy As A Dead Whale” Cross Side CONTROL System lets you DICTATE how your opponent chooses to escape every time. MASTERING the art of FORCING your opponent to move and escape the way YOU want is the key to a cross side of complete dominance and control

– Making yourself 100% Comfortable on top of cross side (side control) requires you are in perfect position to make your opponent completely uncomfortable. Do it right and you’re on the ATTACK and your opponent is in DEEP WATER!

  • Shrimp? No problem.
  • Bridge? No problem.
  • Framing? No problem.
  • NEVER be forced to “abandon” cross side (side control) again… even against higher level belts or BIG, STRONG opponents.
  • Become the ULTIMATE “finisher” every time in the top of the Cross Side position.


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Hidden Jiu-Jitsu – 2018 – Cross Side Control