Elbow Pluck Armlock

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Henry Head Shot On Black

For this armlock we are going to attack the inside arm.

Unlike the Kimura and Americana where our focus was the outside arm. I want to be facing toward my opponents head. If I can have my outside arm underhook his outside arm that would be ideal.

If for some reason I can not get my arm under his, I will have my elbow on the ground and I will be trapping his arm with my elbow tightly against his body. Now, when I grab his inside arm, I want to make sure I have his elbow in the palm of my hand. And with my thumb and first two fingers,

I grab just above this little knob on the elbow. You should be able to feel what I am talking about. This helps secure your grip and to keep the opponents elbow in the proper position. Once I have the arm secure I am going to make sure that my weight is on top of my opponents chest. I don’t want to be sitting my weight on the ground.

I want to be heavy on him. I also want to make sure to keep my bottom knee almost right under his shoulder before I go to step over.

This will help to prevent him from pulling his arm down and out. Giving us a better chance of finishing the move. Once I have put my weight onto his chest I am going to step my back leg over his head putting my foot flat on the ground next to his jaw.

Keeping my weight heavy on the opponent I am going to start driving my hip forward into his elbow and slightly arching my back. While at the same time use my foot to pull his head back towards me.

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