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Henry Akins’ Hidden Jiu Jitsu

The “Immovable Object” Closed Guard System:

Next Time Someone Tries To Put YOU In Their Closed Guard… Make Them REGRET IT!

  • Want to know a secret? If your opponent is TERRIFIED to close their guard around you… their guard becomes infinitely easier to pass.
  • Want To Know The ONE “Hidden Connection” that opens EVERY Closed Guard like a “Skeleton Key”?
  • Want to know how to regain and KEEP your posture when you end up in someone’s Closed Guard?
  • Want To Know How To SHUTDOWN Even The BIGGEST, STRONGEST, MOST AGGRESSIVE closed guard players and set up your passes with ease?


It may not be as “sexy” as the “donkey” or the “50” or the “worm” or the “tornado” but lets be real…

The only reason you even know about Jiu-Jitsu is because of Royce Gracie.

And, as everyone knows Royce knows a thing or two about the Closed Guard.

Quite simply the closed guard is the position that made Jiu-Jitsu famous.

And, even today while its not the most popular of offensive positions. When a skilled Closed Guard player locks you in and breaks you down…. Often times the end is near.

But there’s something you should know.

That guy you train with.

You know…. The one with the bear trap legs and the kryptonite for your amazingly strong posture. The guy who’s drilled that arm bar, triangle, omoplata transition a few zillion times.

Or, maybe you’re thinking of that guy who has ZERO closed guard game but he ALWAYS puts you there and you can’t do ANYTHING about it. He just wraps his legs tight, breaks down your posture and pulls on your head for the whole 5 minute round…

And, as stupid as that is… you’re powerless because YOU’VE got NOTHING for him. Can’t get your posture back, can’t break his guard… you’re just STUCK.

Whether you’re getting finished fast from your opponents closed guard or just getting plain ol’ STUCK there… I’ve got some real world, real life answers for you!

Sadly closed guard has become a “defensive” position. A position many people are uncomfortable attacking from. A position many people’s ONLY objective is “don’t let him pass”.

In order to first stay safe in the guard, maintaining your posture is crucial. Posture is our primary defense, but rarely are students taught how to sit in the guard properly to be able to maintain posture.

Usually what we see is a battle of pushing with the arms to stay up while the opponent is pulling us down with the legs and arms. That’s a losing battle. There is a way to maintain your posture while sitting in the guard so you feel like an IMMOVABLE tree stump.

It requires no arms at all just some slight adjustments with the positioning of your knees and hips. As a matter of fact I’ll tell you this… if your hands are touching him… you’re doing it WRONG!

If you can maintain your posture you’re opponent will have no attacks available and no other option but to open their legs for you allowing you the opportunity to pass.

If you like hearing training partners respond with ….

◦ -WTF?

◦ -How’d you do that?

◦ -Can you show me that?

• -Nobody’s EVER done that to me

Then this is the ONLY systematic approach to escaping and dominating inside Closed Guard you need.

Henry Akins Signature

Henry Akins Signature

Guy Ritchie – Black Belt

“I have learned a Tremendous Amount of Details from Henry!”

Dan Hart – Brown Belt

“Henry’s Jiu-Jitsu is life changing!”

Rob Wolf – Blue Belt

“Henry’s approach is completely different. Can’t endorse him enough”

Inside The Closed Guard System

– Dominating Inside the Closed Guard from the top is EASY… Making your opponent 100% Uncomfortable on the bottom only takes Connection and Timing. Do it right and your Opponents will open their closed guard for you. Do it wrong and you’re UNDER WATER (no matter how big they are) and I GUARANTEE you that you’ve never seen this approach to escaping cross side (side control).

– Making yourself 100% Uncontrollable from the bottom of cross side (side control) requires you make ONE adjustment as your opponent settles into side control. Do it right and you’re on the ATTACK and not stuck on bottom… Do it wrong and you’re UNDER WATER!

  • Keeping Posture in the Closed Guard.
  • Posture When Pulling the Arm.
  • Posture when Pulling the Neck.
  • Using the Lead Arm.
  • Secondary arm defense.
  • Killing The Hip Bump Sweep.
  • Freeing the Head to get Posture.
  • Concept of Standing & Breaking the Legs vs Breaking the Legs from the Knees.
  • Breaking the Legs with the Knee Behind the Butt.
  • Standing to Open the Legs.
  • Preliminary Defense Cross Collar Choke.


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