Knee Across Belly Mount

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Henry Head Shot On Black

Sometimes, you can tell that your opponent knows what he is doing. I may be across the side and wanting to mount, but he is keeping his knees very close and positioning them just right. I don’t want to risk the step-over to mount.

So, instead I am going to slide my knee across his belly. I shoot my knee through the gap between my opponent’s thigh and stomach. I want to get it as far across as I can on that first shot.

My back leg is going to be straight back and I want to be on my toes. Even though I’m on my toes, that does not mean that my butt is up in the air. I really want to keep my hip low for this. Not on the ground low, but low. Almost linear to the rest of my body.

As I start to drive my knee across their waist, my foot can become stuck. When this happens, I want to bring my arm around his head and turn my hip in the direction that I just came from. The direction of where I started in side control.

When I twist my hip, I straighten my foot and point my toes. My leg should come loose and slap the ground next to his hip. I think of my leg doing a type of windshield wiper motion. Once my foot hits the ground, I will bring it back towards his butt, put my arms out to the side, and stay low. This secures my mount, and I’m ready to attack. Always remember, position before submission!

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