Maintaining Mount Against Pushing

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Henry Head Shot On Black

In this video I show how to maintain the mount position against a person that is just trying to use strength to push you off.  There are basically 4 areas the body someone can push to create space to get you off them.  The first is the knees.  Anytime someone goes to push my knees I simply pluck their hands off at the wrist using a monkey grip (thumb on the same side as my fingers).

The second area moving up the body is the hips.  When a person puts their hands on your hips it is important to react immediately.  I put the soles of my feet together, take my knees off the ground and engage my hip (like doing a superman where you arch your back as far as possible to transfer all the weight to your hips)

You can practice this move laying belly down on the ground and taking your chest and knees off the ground.  The third push is when someone tries to push me straight back, I simply turn my shoulders to deflect their energy going into me, making their hand slip off my body.

The last defense is when someone try’s to throw me off to the side.  When I feel like I’m falling, I put my hand out to stop my fall and use my other hand to hook behind my opponents neck to keep me connected to him. This is a fun drill to do with a partner doing one minute rounds, of the person on bottom not using Jiu-Jitsu, just going crazy and pushing and the person on top holding on and just trying to maintain.

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