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Inside the Mind Blown JIu Jitsu Club this is what you get:

Each month I will share with my Mind Blowing seminars followed up with a monthly Video Q&A to make sure you totally understand each topic.

Topics that will be covered in depth:

  • Chokes – Annapolis Maryland Garfield MMA
  • Escapes Cleveland – Ohio Gracie Humaita
  • Back Defense & Escapes – Louisville Kentucky Gracie Louisville
  • Fundamentals of Guard Passing – Norwich Connecticut
  • Advanced Chokes – Wareham Massachusetts SBG East Coast
  • Closed Guard – Lyndhurst NJ Savarese BJJ
  • Clinching and Take Downs – Modesto camp
  • Open Guard Fundamentals – Modesto camp
  • Advanced Guard Passing – Louisville Kentucky
  • Back Defense Escapes – Scranton Pennsylvania
  • Fundamentals of Sweeps – Philly Pennsylvania Sion BJJ
  • Half Guard on Bottom – Louisville Kentucky
  • Defense with Strikes – Louisville Kentucky
  • Submission Escapes – Denver Colorado Kompound
  • Concepts of Escaping and Defenses  – Syracuse NY Inner Circle BJJ
  • Advanced Fundamentals – Lyndhurst NJ Savarese BJJ
  • Open Guard Fundamentals – Philly Pennsylvania Sion BJJ
  • Closed Guard Concepts – Dover Delaware
  • Open Guard Columbus Ohio – Relson Gracie
  • Back defense and Escape – Louisville Kentucky Gracie Louisville
  • The Fundamentals – Austintown Ohio Next Level BJJ

Mind Blown Seminar Attendees

“I personally guaranty that you will be Mind Blown over the next year. If you are not 100% satisfied at any time I will refund your money. No hassles just email me.” – Henry Akins

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You will only see this page Once!
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