Breakdown: Kron Gracie Vs. JT Torres ADCC

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  1. Danny R January 18, 2017 at 12:18 am

    Sound was good all the way through. Great technique! Thanks!

  2. Hian Leng P April 13, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Hi the sound is not working for me after the competition clip. During the teaching part it sounds like someone fast forwarding a cassette tape.

  3. zamy y December 17, 2017 at 2:37 am

    Hi Henry, great technique i love it, but it’s don’t look like the kron’s armbar: because kron swing the leg around the head first and then put his opposite leg up
    Sorry for my english

  4. zamy y December 24, 2017 at 6:39 am

    I notice that when you swing your leg you’re helping your self by grabing the ankle a little bite don’t you?

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