Day 5 Half Guard On Bottom

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  1. John Taylor March 3, 2018 at 4:05 am

    Talking of bumping the hip when in bottom half. I alway’s think of Royce V Kimo at UFC 3. At one point Royce was almost mounted, with one of Kimo’s leg’s and the other was moving across his hip to land in full mount. As Kimo’s knee was clearing Royce’s hip. Royce Palm Struck Kimo in the face to put his attention else-where the bumped his hip up enough to put Kimo back in half Guard then back to guard. It alway’s AMAZED me how just a 1-2-3 of small movement’s could change the position from being mounted to controlling him again. Just that Strike, hip bump and Re-guard took 2-3 second’s. Since then i see these hip bumps or Pop Corn Bumps everywhere on the bottom 👍🏻…

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