Day 5 How To Train With Your Students

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  1. Michael W May 10, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Reflection: I remember back around 1994 our BJJ training always was always intense and submission oriented. This was not good in my opinion. It was survival of the fittest. Our Gis would be ripped apart in a few months because each round was 100 percent, full intensity. It is a miracle I finally made it to black belt after many, many years. High intensity (Crushing) training leads to injuries and dropout. Big egos and psychos like to injure people while training BJJ so you have to be careful where and with whom you train. Having a excellent professor to teach you and protect you is imperative. The way Henry recommends to train is excellent. Otherwise, you won’t last long in this art. There are a LOT of bad professors out there in BJJ land. Be careful and be selective where you train and with whom you train. I only train in Gracie Jiujitsu lineage myself. Leave your ego at the door.

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