Deflecting the triangle with elbow (using the the secondary arm)

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  1. John G July 19, 2019 at 8:16 am

    I like to bait partners to go for the triangle for the simple reason that once my shoulder is under the knee there’s no strength required to do it . I’m 61 and not very strong or supple , so getting under the knee can be a struggle if it’s a strong guy and he goes heavy legs. I’ve always used the secondary hand/ arm to defend the triangle and armbar while stacking to pass with decent success while getting a cross side collar to finish the pass with neck pressure and helps keep him from rotating away or back rolling out but I’ve never seen nor thought of the elbow deflecting to the pass , so simple and effortless , hidden I reckon , very cool can’t wait to try it rolling !! Sometimes my partner will use his free hand against my hip to keep me from getting weight over the stack ! That’s annoying. Again this elbow deflection bypasses that too. Loving the instruction , many thanks,
    John G 🤓

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