Leaning Forward to Prevent the Back Attack

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  1. John Taylor September 26, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Thank’s for including this Henry, it truly is Golden 🤙🏻. I’ve seen Rener totally bamboozle people with this, I’ve used through copying it with good result’s, but never had it properly explained to me. This is now my fav Defence if the person isn’t controlling my top Half, it’s amazing how many people don’t seat belt you immediately, Thinking they’ve fought so hard to get ur back, they’ll just take a second to breath as they have there hook’s in. This is the perfect time to use this. Thank’s Proffesor for sharing ur knowledge. Without urself, Rickson’s techniques would be lost to only those who have been taught directly or worse taught second or third hand wrongly. Oss 🙇….

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