Week 1 – Bonus 1 – Umpa

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  1. ray c August 13, 2018 at 11:52 am

    love these little details

  2. Darren G August 29, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    I take that back.

  3. isaac s October 10, 2018 at 1:51 pm


  4. Dennis O October 13, 2018 at 10:28 pm

    I have fallen in love with the umpa. I was able to watch your seminar when you went over the umpa in depth. I have been focusing on moving my head and going over my shoulder. It really works and I utilize little strength. I have been rolling with some upper belts and they have not been able to stop the roll when they are mounted. I used to roll over my arm and get stuck all the time. I used to just give up when I got mounted but now I almost welcome them cause I am more confident in being able to sweep them. I still need to work on the movement from side control. I’m guessing the angle when I bridge would all still be the same….correct?

  5. Rudy R February 1, 2019 at 3:13 am

    Gotta love that tiny detail with the head!

  6. Alice R March 14, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    There is a liiiiiittle bit of strength involved in this move, right? I get put in side-control a lot, and when I’ve tried to hip bump my opponents off — usually a good 20-40 pounds heavier than me — it feels like such a huge exertion of effort. Moving my head off to the side helps a little bit, and keeping my feet closer to my butt for more power helps a little bit… but the result still doesn’t seem quite right. Are there some conditionals to this? (e.g., better timing vis-a-vis opponent transitioning away from a solid base, my opponent and me must be connected at the chest, etc.)

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