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Henry Akins’ The Mount Attacks Training system

Out Of The Pot & Into The Fire! Make them Wish You Were Still On Their Backs

Once you’ve achieved the mount position many people do not know about all of the attacks that are possible. Once you understand how to Attack from the mount there is NOTHING your opponent can do to stay safe. Nothing!

You’re eyes will be open to a world of possible submission with the mount attacks module.

  • Want To Know WHY You Aren’t FINISHING 100% Of The Time From The Most Dominant Position Of Them All?
  • Want To Know WHY You MISTAKENLY Prefer Side Control Over Mount?
  • Want To Know Why Not Even ONE Of Your Training Partners Are Afraid Of Your Mount?

It’s NOT Because You Don’t Have The Skills… It’s Something Else That You’re Missing

  • FINALLY you can terrorize your training partners and competitors with the most DEADLY and PRECISE mount attack game possible
  • The same mount attack sequences I learned and perfected from
    Rickson Gracie himself.
  • Whether you’re a white belt who’d prefer to learn your mount attacks
  • RIGHT the FIRST time around or if you’re a belt of color who’d love
    nothing more than to make your mount the DOMINANT position it should be,
  • My Mount Attack Training System is exactly what you’ve been
    looking for.

If you like hearing training partners respond with ….


-How’d you do that?

-Can you show me that?

-Nobody’s EVER done that to me

Then this is the ONLY systematic approach to attacking from
the mount you need.

Dan Hart – Purple Belt

““Henry’s Jiu-Jitsu was life changing””

Rob Wolf – Blue Belt

“Henry’s approach is completely different. Can’t endorse him enough”

Ivan – Black Belt

“I train with Henry to learn the finer details of the moves I already know.”

The Mount Attacks Training System

How to finish the Bow & Arrow without getting reversed
Getting the Americana WITHOUT getting rolled
How to finish the cross choke WITHOUT getting rolled
How to make your opponent tap and then exclaim…“WTF?!”…The dreaded Hammer Fist Choke
How to finish the Ezekiel even without gi grips
Finally learn how to FINISH your armbar from mount… NEVER get rolled to guard again. Just this ONE module is worth the entire training system tuition.
How to finish the Head & Arm choke from mount…WITHOUT dis-mounting and WITHOUT needing to be big & or strong.

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  • The Mount Attacks Finishing System includes EIGHT modules where I share with you the concepts, ideas and functional principles of
    attacking from the mount PLUS 8 specific razor sharp attacks that will have you finishing from the most dominant position of them all with RIGHTENING accuracy and consistency