Henry Akins’ The Mount Domination Training system

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Unsubmittable Reversals Escapees from the Bottom and Ultimate Positional Control On Top!

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The Mount Domination Top Control & Escape System includes TWENTY SIX modules where I share with you the concepts, ideas and functional principles of escaping from ANYONES mount PLUS My 700 pound unmovable Gorilla mountthat will have you in COMPLETE CONTROL from the most dominant position of them all even if you’re the smallest person on the mat

Mount Maintenance

  • FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the mount. What works, what doesn’t, where each positional adjustment leads… Get ready to have your MindBlown
  • Discover the MOST important thing you need to do FIRST, the moment you gain the mount position on top?
  • What to do if your opponent tries to bridge or get to his side. This will change EVERYTHING you’ve ever thought about top control from the mount.
  • Discover the one thing NOBODY EVER wants you to do to them when your on top of mount… and how to get it EVERYTIME
  • Sometimes (even experienced grapplers) do DUMB things after you mount them… here’s what to do to put them out of their misery… QUICK.
  • Once you develop your immovable DOMINANCE on top… if you ever find that “boring”, I’ll show you “the path from the mount to the back”… THE EASY WAY


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Hidden Jiu-Jitsu – 2018 – Mount Maintenance