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Finally You Got Him Off Your Back!

BUT, Now He Is Mounted With Options To Attack Everywhere!

Often when escaping from someone being on our backs we can run the risk of being mounted! You must know how to also safely escape this position because there are far more attacks possible for your opponent.

Also when on the back if your opponent gets out, it’s possible many times to transition to the mount! The longer you can maintain the mount the more opportunity you’ll have to finish the fight from there.

Mount Maintenance and escapes will allow you to recover and capitalize from any mistakes you make while learning the back position.

  • Want To Know How To Make Your Training Partners And Opponents AFRAID To Mount You & Put You On Bottom?
  • Want To Know How to EASILY Escape From The Bottom Of Mount 100% Of The Time… EVEN If You’re Mounted By Sweaty Ogre?
  • Why Do You Get Rolled From The Top Of Mount So Often? The Answer? Your Top Control Technique Sucks
  • Want To Know How To Control Top Mount Like A 700 Pound Gorilla?
    • What if everytime someone mounted you, instead of dreading it, you saw it as a “HUGE OPPORTUNITY”… a “SET UP” for your attacks?
    • The truth of the matter is that on TOP in MOUNT should be your most coveted and most DOMINANT position. NOBODY should be able to escape your mount regardless of their size.
    • Sadly the art of maintaining the mount and setting up the endless number of attacks from the top via lockdown level top control has been nearly lost.
    • But in my “Mount Domination Training System” I show you EXACTLY what I learned directly from Rickson and have spent the last 10+ years perfecting.

And as with ALL things Jiu Jitsu…

    • Your opponents mistakes and oversights are YOUR golden opportunities.
    • And because so few practitioners in Jiu Jitsu have even a C level Top Mount… I’m going to show you not only how to EASILY escape EVERYTIME you’re on the bottom of mount…
    • Mounting you will be like mounting a GHOST. You’re regular training partners will literally be AFRAID to go to the top mount position because they’ll be CERTAIN they can’t do ANYTHING to you from there.
    • Whether you’re a white belt who’d prefer to learn your mount escapes and mount maintenance RIGHT the FIRST time around or if you’re a belt of color who’d love nothing more than to make your mount the DOMINANT position it should be…
    • My “Mount Domination Training System” is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If you like hearing training partners respond with ….

      -How’d you do that?
      -Can you show me that?
    -Nobody’s EVER done that to me
  • Then this is the ONLY systematic approach to escaping and maintaining the mount you need.

Maynard James Keenan – Purple Belt

“Perfect Foundational Fundamental Jiu Jitsu”

Dan Hart – Purple Belt

““Henry’s Jiu-Jitsu was life changing””

Rob Wolf – Blue Belt

“Henry’s approach is completely different. Can’t endorse him enough”

Ivan – Black Belt

“I train with Henry to learn the finer details of the moves I already know.”

Mount Maintenance

FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the mount. What works, what doesn’t, where each positional adjustment leads… Get ready to have your MindBlown
Discover the MOST important thing you need to do FIRST, the moment you gain the mount position on top?
What to do if your opponent tries to bridge or get to his side. This will change EVERYTHING you’ve ever thought about top control from the mount.
Discover the one thing NOBODY EVER wants you to do to them when your on top of mount… and how to get it EVERYTIME
Sometimes (even experienced grapplers) do DUMB things after you mount them… here’s what to do to put them out of their misery… QUICK.
Once you develop your immovable DOMINANCE on top… if you ever find that “boring”, I’ll show you “the path from the mount to the back”… THE EASY WAY

Mount Escapes

Escaping like a Ghost from the bottom of mount is EASY… but there’s ONE incredibly important movement you MUST MASTER and I GUARANTEE you that you’ve never been taught it correctly
Making yourself 100% Uncontrollable from the bottom of mount requires you do 2 simple things IMMEDIATELY upon getting mounted. Do them right and you’re OUT… Do them wrong and you’re getting SMASHED
Stuck in High Mount? No problem
Stuck in Side Mount? No problem
Threatened with Arm Bar From Mount? No problem.
Threatened with Cross Collar Choke From Mount? No problem
Head Control? Cross Face? Pffffft… No problem.Straight Arm with Hip Movement
NEVER be “stuck” on bottom of mount again… even against higher level belts or BIG opponents

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