Taking the back from the mount

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Henry Head Shot On Black

When I decide to take the back from the mount, I first want to position my opponent into the gift wrap position.

I can place my hand in his collar, which should get them to reach their arm up. From there I am going to position my chest behind my opponent’s elbow (I can also use my free hand to help push his elbow into a better position before dropping my chest.) and drive his arm across his chest.

Making sure to stay heavy on the back of the elbow so that they can not bring it back to their side. I then grab the wrist behind the head, place my other hand behind his elbow, and do a push/pull motion as I turn my opponent onto their side and into the modified side-mount.

Now I want to open my opponent up. I start by reaching inside of his trapped arm and grabbing my own wrist. I then slide my back knee out of the way to create space. Keeping my front foot planted firmly on the ground, I use my arms to pull my opponent back.

Thus, opening him up and straightening him out. I will then drive my chest forward behind his shoulder and towards the ground, sliding my back hook into position. You will notice, but flattening your opponent out, you automatically have the first hook already.

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