Henry Akins Hidden Jiu Jitsu Vale Tudo System

What if you could escape Any Armlock you ever encountered, and it felt effortless?

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These 38 brand new videos reveal the hidden details that make it possible, not 1 in 1000 black belts are even aware of.

38 Videos Show You Every Hidden Detail To Apply These 5 Keys, And Make Your Armlock Escapes Nearly Effortless:

  • Americana from the mount preliminary defense
  • Americana from the mount secondary defense
  •  Americana from the mount (leg hook) bridge escape
  • Americana from mount hip switch, escape to the back
  •  Americana from cross side escape
  •  Americana from bottom half guard escape
  •  Kimura from cross side flat, weight defense
  •  Kimura from cross side, blocking the leg and sitting up
  •  Kimura defense by grabbing the leg
  •  Kimura grip from cross side escape
  •  Kimura from north south escape
  • Kimura from north south escape, arm bar transition
  • Kimura from north south with the arm trapped, defense and escape
  •  Kimura from bottom half guard preliminary defense
  • Kimura from bottom half guard leg grab escape
  • Kimura from closed guard hip defense
  • Kimura from closed guard defense and back take
  • Kimura from closed guard late defense
  • Straight armbar from cross side escape
  • Arm lock from closed guard preliminary defense – posture
  • Arm lock from closed guard, stacking defense
  • Arm lock from guard with both legs over the head
  • Arm lock from bottom with knee in between, pushing the knee to clear
  • Belly down armlock escape
  • Armlock from mount blocking the leg from coming in front of the face
  • Arm lock escape by pulling elbow to the ground
  • Arm lock escape from S-mount
  • Arm lock escape from guard shoulder swallow
  • Arm lock escape by clearing the head
  • Arm lock escape by passing ankle between the legs
  • Arm lock escape by bridging over
  • Arm lock escape by sitting up and stacking
  • Arm lock escape with both legs over the head
  • Arm lock escape with both legs over the head, creating the wedge
  • Arm lock escape with both legs over the body
  • Ompalata escape

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