Henry Akins Hidden Jiu Jitsu Vale Tudo System

This Knowledge Has Never Taught To The Public Before. And to the motivated fighter, this course will completely change what’s possible with Jiu-Jitsu, especially in competitive MMA.

“How to dominate with strikes – the forgotten Vale Tudo techniques of Hidden Jiu-Jitsu, that allow you to control and predict any fight.”

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107 Videos – Over 446 Minutes of Instruction / Q & A – Reveal How To Dominate Any Fight With Strikes – The Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Way. 107 Videos

Mount and Cross-Side Dominance – 34 Videos – 118 mins

  • Intro
  • Basics Mount Maintenance
  • Walking the knees up from the mount and using side mount against bigger opponents
  • Dealing with pushes from the mount
  • Maintaining the mount when they throw both legs up
  • Maintaining the mount when they sit up to throw you off
  • Pros and cons of mid and high mount
  • Preventing the elbow escape once they catch the ankle and turning them with punches
  • Breaking bear hug from mount
  • Setting up the gift wrap
  • Throwing elbows from the gift wrap
  • Using the elbow with the Americana
  • Stabilizing the back mount and going for the rear naked choke
  • Turning towards the legs to get the far side underhook
  • Preventing guard recovery once you have far side underhook
  • Transitioning to the mount if they catch the ankle from crosside
  • Pumeling the elbow in to get the far side underhook
  • Using elbows and knees from crosside
  • Transitioning to top side cruficix
  • Closing

Mount and Cross-Side Defense – 30 Videos – 86 mins

  • Mount Defense Intro
  • Bridging to get their hands on the ground and close distance
  • Using bumps to off-balance and destabilize opponent
  • Trapping the arm to bridge them over
  • More details for trapping the arm to bridge them over
  • Trapping the arm when they pummel in
  • Details for using the elbow after the bridge
  • Trapping the arm from a wide base
  • Pushing them back when they counter the bridge
  • Escaping the gift wrap
  • Escaping the rear naked choke belly down
  • Defense when they turn the hips to punch
  • Sitting up when they create distance to punch
  • Topside crucifix escape
  • Modified topside crucifix escape
  • Close

Open Guard – 24 Videos – 155 mins

  • Creating distance to stay safe
  • Using strikes and switching sides
  • Switching sides and using the scissor sweep
  • Drill to develop the scissor sweep
  • BONUS: Preventing the hook sweep when mounting
  • Arm bar from arm on top of the leg
  • How I started to develop the scissor sweep
  • Kimura from open guard
  • Grabbing the wrist and taking the back
  • Using thigh strikes to set up the scissor sweep
  • Using kicks and standing up in base
  • Weekend closing and Q & A

Closed Guard – 19 Videos – 87 mins

  • Intro
  • Controlling your opponent from the closed guard and preventing damage
  • Using heel strikes from the closed guard
  • Triangle set up from the closed guard and using elbows
  • More elbows from closed guard and Kimura set up
  • Using the sweep when they try and get back to the center
  • Closed guard Vale Tudo drill
  • Preventing opponent from picking you up in closed guard
  • The trap from the closed guard
  • The arm attack series from the trap
  • Transitioning into the triangle from the trap
  • Closed guard closing

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Hidden Jiu-Jitsu – 2018 – Vale Tudo