White Belt to Blue Belt

Access to Henry Akins White Belt to Blue Belt Fundamentals Curriculum Online Training System.

High Lights

Each week I will share with you techniques followed up with weekly bonus footage of concepts, philosophy, and drills to make sure you totally understand each topic.

Topics that will be covered in depth:

  • – Basic Self Defense from The Feet.
  • – Understanding of Base and Proper Balance while on the Feet.
  • – Understanding how to Safely Close the Distance and Clinch.
  • – How to take an Unwilling Opponent Safely to the Ground.
  • – How to get back to your feet so you can get away even if someone is trying to hold you down.
  • – The fundamentals of Mount Control, Attacks and Escapes.
  • – The fundamentals of the Crosside Control, Attacks and how to Transition to the Mount.
  • – The fundamentals of Crosside Escapes and Guard Recovery.
  • – How to Posture Inside the Guard.
  • – How to Open the Guard.
  • – The fundamentals of Passing the Guard.
  • – How to Break Posture in the Guard.
  • – The fundamentals of Sweeps and getting to the Top Position.
  • – The fundamentals of Guard Attacks.
  • – The fundamentals of Back Attacks.
  • – How to flatten Your Opponent from The Back.
  • – The fundamentals of Defending and  Escaping The Back.
  • – The fundamentals of Half Guard Top.
  • – Transitioning to a Dominant Position from Half Guard Top.
  • – The fundamentals of Half Guard Bottom.
  • – Transitioning to Dominate Position from Half Guard Bottom.
  • – Head Lock Escapes.

Bonus Videos:

  • – Drills
  • – Break Downs
  • – History of Jiu Jitsu its Philosophy and Concepts

Membership is paid monthly reoccurring or biannually.

$57 per month or $277 biannual recurring. (You Save $65.00)
You may stop your membership at any time by contacting me at [email protected]
As always if you are not 100% Satisfied contact me directly for a refund at [email protected]
By Joining you agree to:
  • – Participate in the open discussion of positions and concepts.
  • – Participate in the community.
  • – Keep membership confidential.
  • – Keep identity of other members confidential.

Active Paid Members Get:

  • – Weekly Content Live.
  • – Weekly Comprehension guilds.
  • – Weekly Bonus Footage.
  • – Hidden Jiu Jitsu White to Blue Belt Certificate of Course Completion (Not A Belt Promotion!)
  • – HJJ Patch*

Application is subject to approval.
* Patches shipped with in 90 days.

Bi-Annual Subscription

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Mind Blown Seminar Attendees

“I personally guaranty that you will be Mind Blown over the next year. If you are not 100% satisfied at any time I will refund your money. No hassles just email me.” – Henry Akins